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How to build your residence like bungalow, farm house, villa, high-end residence.

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Q1. What are the steps to purchase land or home?

Once your finances are in order, start the process by making a wish list of things you want in your new home and neighborhood. How much space do you need? What’s more important to you, good schools or a short commute?

At the same time, start shopping for a mortgage lender. Ask your current bank or credit union about customer discounts. Check websites like to see which lenders offer the lowest rates. Compare fees carefully: Some costs, such as local transfer taxes, are fixed, but others vary from lender to lender.

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Q2. How to Build a Home in a Budget?

Getting a design
Keeping your budget under control starts with a well-considered design scheme, both inside and out. Good architectural design is, of course, the hallmark of any successful contemporary home; Gone are the days when it was deemed essential to engage the services of a top-named architect to create a distinctive look. A good and a successful architect will surely design as much in the detail as in the broad architectural gestures.

Simple Design
Simplicity is the key of Design. Keep the design simple, it will give you satisfaction in low cost and will surely give you the best result. In terms of final costs it has only been material fluctuations that affected the final outcome.

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