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Know all about choosing the right space & plan for your commercial purpose.

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Problem 1 | Determine

Determine the right commercial space for you

Selection of commercial space:
  1. Not having the right idea about the space area required for your business.
  2. On what basis space should be purchased.
  3. Not having the clear idea about Vastu.
  4. Limited knowledge about their competitors.
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Problem 2 | Necessary

Choosing commercial interior designer is necessary.

Choosing one of the best for your commercial property
  1. Thorough site analytics cann't be done by layman.
  2. If buying such a costly property then it needs to be designed well mannered. For this we don't believe in normal contractors.
  3. As commercial property helps to generate new business, you need to give this space for designing to the responsible one.

One deserves a functional & aesthetically appealing space, but you should get what you pay for.

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Problem 2 | Budget

This needs to be finalized at the earlier

For any commercial project either offices, clinics, hospitals, hotels, restaurants or spas & salons owner has following common constraint regarding budget is how much to be spent on the particular one.
  1. Designer fees
  2. Materials cost
  3. Agencies cost
  4. Unknown cost

With all these unknowns, it can be overwhelming to determine how long the process will take and what steps to start with.

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Problem 4 | Contractor

Contractor is not on board from the start

The traditional design delivery process leads to all types of miscommunication in the relationship that matters most on every project: Owner, Designer and Contractor.

This outdated method requires the owner to:

  1. Hire a designer to design the project
  2. Then hire a separate general contractor to develop the project.

Unfortunately, history has taught us that this “love triangle” creates communication problems making the process complicated and unpleasant.

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