16 March 2016

Alacritys will help you to in choosing interior style with the assessment of your character, attitude & personality.  There are some knacks what top interior designers in Pune from Alacritys incorporate while transforming the spaces. Following are a few tips what they give to style your spaces to bring great changes in your lifestyle.

Essential things are- making it dreamy & exclusive using required furniture, picking right colors, adding perfect furnishing, correct use of natural & technological lighting, fabulous wall finishes, mixing patterns & stylish designs in all elements of the space.

Picking right colors-
There are three lifestyle collections- Comfortable, Composed & Confident palettes. Each is designed to be inspirational & personal, tailored to help you create a space to fit your personality. Comfortable colors are gentle lights, evolving away from sweet & bright colors. They are sophisticated, especially harmonizing with light, natural tones. The Composed colors are an excellent backdrop for layering and to showcase other colors in furniture and decor. This palette features a mix of mysterious earth colors and deep jewel tones. The Confident palette embodies all that is fun about color - it is daring and takes some risks. These colors are perfect for places you want to add a drama point – an accent wall, the back of a door, a piece of furniture.

Adding perfect furnishing-
Living in a big city makes things much easier. Visiting local showrooms, stores and exhibitions is the final step, since the client has to buy what we suggest. After a while, when we have developed our own style, we know exactly where to look for a certain kind of couch or dining room table.

Actually, the store owners we visit and we become related to, know our style and can show immediately their new or upcoming products. For instance, Alacritys top interior designers in Pune know many collections of top brands and can immediately make suggestions to their clients. Our clients can see the exact tiles, carpets, and curtains we’re suggesting. Anyway, it’s like in any other business, you have to stay informed and up to date.

The more we work, the easier it becomes.

Correct use of lighting-
Lighting is a key architectural and design element in a space to be designed. And much like fashion, lighting trends change regularly. If you’re looking for a fairly simple way to give your space an update, refreshing lighting fixtures can take your space’s style to the next level. Some of the trendy lights are, customizable color lighting, geometric lighting, the malleable metal pendant lights or chandeliers, upgraded industrial lighting, etc.

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Fabulous wall finishes-
Decorating large or small blank wall is a never ending trend. Adding bright venetian plaster, iconic patterned wallpaper, rustic reclaimed wood, oversized photograph, using color-blocked pattern, showcasing bookshelf & art, displaying framed family photos, Hanging murals, frames, mirrored wall, unframed drawings, upholstered panels, hanging tapestry, breaking up oversided photograph, different pattern of wood or Ducoed MDF, painting in glossy colors, going with graphic or decals, using color patterns or textures, etc., will change your style & thoughts when you be there in particular space.


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